Melinda Kádár

Personal work

The Wellspring and the Tower


People dancing


Our Environment Remixed x Iszlai

Thought Forms x Iszlai

Source x Bori Mákó&Rozi Mákó


Moholymotion x HEN

Loa x Loa Frida



Sup, that’s me on the right. I’m still working on this website, so here’s a flow-of-consiousness-type introduction about me.

I study, teach, and create animation. I started out in 2010-ish mostly making explainer videos in Flash and After Effects, learning as I went. Then I attended the  Animation BA and MA at MOME in Budapest, to bring some structure and some fresh perspectives into my explorations on the one hand, and to distance myself from the explainer genre on the other. I now consider this to have been a Good MoveTM. Since then, I have completed a couple of experimental shorts, started teaching animation at MOME, founded a boutique animation studio called HEN with a bunch of friends, and impulsively adopted a cat named Arpeggio. I have a serious problem with Wanting To Do All The Things–some of those things will make it onto this website, most will not, and that’s okay.